The Games We Play

She loves this game.  We play fairly often, even though it’s not my favorite.  What kinds of things do you do with your kids that they love and you don’t love?

101810 Candy Land 02

101810 Candy Land 01


One thought on “The Games We Play

  1. When my 10 year old was 2-3 she always wanted to play little people or Barbies. There had to be conversations and drama and everything. One day, after I had put in my time as Skipper, I told her I had a new way to play “Barbies” and we proceeded to collect all 8 of her barbies in a bucket. Then she would hide her eyes while I hid the 8 dolls all over the living room (almost in plain sight, of course!) and she would come out and find them all. Then we would switch! “Hide the Barbies” was born. Playing Barbies this way was so much easier!

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