Turkey Snack

Not actually made of turkey. ¬†ūüôā

We are, however, having turkey for supper tonight. ¬†Every year Husband’s work gives them out the week before Thanksgiving, so I’m cooking last year’s bird to make room for this year’s in the freezer! ¬†We’ll just have one meal of it and freeze the rest cooked in a bag so we don’t get sick of it before actual Thanksgiving…

110710 Turkey


Isn’t that such a funny name for a game? ¬†Like I said in September (or was it October?), I’ll probably be catching up on some photos I wanted to post over the summer but didn’t have time to, so feel free to ignore all these picture-heavy posts.

Over Memorial Day weekend, we visited Grandma’s. ¬†Uncle J and Auntie T brought with their new (homemade!) cornhole game, and we had a lot of fun playing.

053010 Cornhole 01

My brother has fancy techniques, not just in the tossing, but in the preparation of the bean bag.

053010 Cornhole 02

053010 Cornhole 05

053010 Cornhole 07

And as you can see, my mom has her own stellar technique.

053010 Cornhole 06

I poke fun, but she’s actually pretty good at most athletic-type things.

053010 Cornhole 04

AND…she’s really competitive. Probably the most competitive out of our family.

053010 Cornhole 03

My brother and his wifey. Aren’t they cute?

053010 JT

Daddy and Anja.

053010 Daddy & Anja

Baby Face

This was taken in May, but I feel like she already looks sooooo much older than this. How do the days and the baby chubs go by so quickly? Then again, after a day like today, I sometimes will the days away. Isn’t it funny, the wanting to slow time down and speed it up at the same time?

051810 01

Gratitude Is A Muscle

I’ve been trying to come up with ways that we can celebrate Thanksgiving for the weeks leading up to the holiday. ¬†Since it comes right between Halloween and Christmas, it tends to be the overlooked holiday, even though I would much rather teach my child to be grateful than teach them to dress up and ask for candy door-to-door.

I don’t want Anja and Markus to grow up thinking Thanksgiving is just a holiday where you eat a ton of food, play with relatives and watch some football, so I want to incorporate the exercise of our “thankful muscles.” ¬†I have been keeping a gratitude journal for the past month, and that has certainly helped me in working some of the flab off my heart. ¬†I gave Anja a special notebook for recording things she is grateful for, but most of the pages have been filled with drawings of dragons and toilets. ¬†Though I’m sure she is very thankful for dragons and toilets, we may have to have another discussion about the journal’s purpose.

Without further ado, here are some ideas on incorporating thankfulness into your month.

1. A Thankfulness Tree. ¬†I saw the idea in a Pottery Barn Kids magazine. ¬†Rather than spend $80 on a felt one to hang on the wall, I figured we’ll probably just make our own out of paper and tape it up.

2. If you want something more permanent, I love this idea of Becky’s. ¬†You could do a new one every year and change it out.

3. A couple of my friends suggested buying a Thanksgiving meal for a needy family and delivering it. ¬†While I don’t know how I’d feel about deciding someone is too poor and then bringing them food, we’ll definitely do some shopping for local food shelves. ¬†This is another thing that even little kids can understand and help with. ¬†By saying, “Which foods are you grateful for?” and then picking those same foods off the shelf to share, we express gratitude and help others simultaneously.

4. ¬†Samaritan’s Purse Operation Christmas Child. ¬†We have done this every year since before we were married. ¬†Last year was the first time Anja was really able to participate, and though it was hard for her to grasp picking out toys and clothes for less fortunate boys and girls, I think she’ll be better able to “get it” this year. ¬†Last year we also made an agreement with my brother and his wife that instead of buying each other gifts from now on, we’d each do extra boxes for Operation Christmas Child.

5. Read books and poems about thankfulness.


What are some ways you teach your child the importance of expressing thanks?

My Guys

102410 M & B

I think they had just finished some sort of exTREMEly entertaining activity, such as watching water run into the sink (Markus loves water). ¬†You can see that Markus was in dire need of a haircut. ¬†I gave him one Sunday night (sob!), so I hope to have pics of that up soon. ¬†ūüôā

Markus, 9 months

It’s been a couple of weeks since Markus turned 9 months, but I still want to talk about what I love about my boy. ¬†Markus Scott, at 9 months, you:

  • are uber-happy, unless you are teething. ¬†You are content to play by yourself for quite awhile, but you also love following your sister around and watching her.
  • Have one tooth!
  • Use that one tooth to eat anything put in front of you. ¬†Your favorites are…um…pretty much everything! ¬†Usually when it’s time for Anja to have a snack, you crawl over to the foot of her chair and beg, much like a dog. ¬†Kind of pathetic, but cute nonetheless.
  • Have a great sense of humor already. ¬†Though it’s a little boy’s sense of humor. ¬†You laugh at burps and toots. ¬†But you also do funny things and then look at us to make sure we’re watching, then you laugh like crazy. ¬†I love it when you get the giggles.
  • Weigh 20 lbs 5 oz, and you are 28.5″ tall, the 50th and 75th percentile, respectively. ¬†I guess you’re thinning out a bit, though one wouldn’t know that by looking at your thighs. ¬†ūüôā
  • Have given up on crawling like a normal baby, we think. ¬†After three months of honing your “army crawl,” it seems you are quite content to use that as your main means of getting around. ¬†But we do catch you “revving” on all fours a few times a day, so who knows? ¬†I happen to think your army crawl is pretty adorable, so no rush on the real crawling thing.
  • Like to come find us. ¬†If you are alone for longer than a few minutes, you usually come creeping to another room to find one of us. ¬†You also come when I ask you to. ¬†“Markus, come here,” I say, and you will creep over.
  • Find it fascinating when your sister is crying or in trouble. ¬†When she has her time-outs in the hallway, you regularly go crawling over there to watch her cry, which only makes her cry harder and scream at you. ¬†As your mother, I think the whole scenario is quite hilarious.
  • Are starting to play with your sister. ¬†I love watching the two of you share a few toys or her try to explain something to you.
  • Love balls and anything with wheels. ¬†Though you have access to all the same toys Anja did, you regularly choose anything that rolls. ¬†You also love going for rides on the little push car, and you do quite a good job of holding yourself on there while we zoom around the house!
  • Have started “climbing” stuff. ¬†You rarely choose the path of least resistance, instead enjoying the practice of climbing over large toys, pillows, and blankets or under low-hanging pieces of furniture. ¬†I don’t mind rescuing you when you get stuck.
  • Love music. ¬†Whenever I turn on a CD (especially the Quebe Sisters), you get this big, goofy grin and crawl to the living room to “dance.”
  • Are very, very interested in the carbon monoxide detectors. ¬†Even one beeping loudly in your face the other night has not deterred your affection.
  • Are drinking from a sippy cup and still learning to do a big cup well.
  • Make tornadoes of toy mess everywhere you go. ¬†No matter how many times I pick stuff up, you empty it faster.
  • Associate the syllable “ma” with me and “da” with Daddy. ¬†You will follow me around babbling “ma ma ma ma” and will whine the same thing when you want to be fed (you know the baby sign for milk, as well), and when Daddy gets home you usually give a happy grunt and then start with your “da da da’s.”
  • Cannot lay still for a diaper change to save your life. ¬†While Anja definitely resisted, we never had the all-out wrestling matches we do with you. ¬†I usually try to distract you by giving you a toy to play with; even if it only helps for 5 seconds, that’s long enough for me to get your bum wiped.
  • Love love love bath time. ¬†You “swim” around on your slippery little belly and splash like crazy. ¬†It’s quite entertaining to watch!
  • Are the joy of our lives. ¬†Your smiles and happy nature keep us sane some days! ¬†We love you, Markus!

102410 Tub 02