Vintage Toys

It seems wrong to me to call things from my own childhood “vintage,” but I suppose they are. Like a fine wine, right?

One of the most fun parts of going to Grandma’s house is the playroom. When Mom re-did the basement a couple of years ago, the guest room was converted to a playroom for her grandchildren. Anja talks about visiting the playroom almost as much as she talks about visiting Grandma, and when we’re there, she will drag anyone and everyone down there with her.

My mom saved almost every toy we ever owned. Here’s Markus checking out a TV.

112710 006

And Anja playing with Little People. They were much littler in the 80s.

112710 007

112710 008

We don’t bother cleaning up much until we leave, since everything is off the shelves again within minutes of putting it back. 🙂

112710 010

Did Elmo exist when we were little kids? I remember Grover and Telly much more distinctly. Anyway, I think I got this little Elmo doll when I was in high school.

112710 011


2 thoughts on “Vintage Toys

  1. Miles LOVES Elmo. It’s the only character he really knows, despite never really watching a show except for the Youtube of Elmo’s Song that he’s mesmerized by. And he has a stuffed Elmo from his aunt that he likes to share his paci with. It’s so much fun seeing him recognize things by name now.

  2. I was eyeing those little people in a picture on one of your other recent posts! I LOVED my little people when I was a girl. I atually recognize many of those toys from my own childhood. Toys today are no where near as fun as those…

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