A Family Christmas

On Saturday, we had our little family Christmas, just the four of us. Daddy has been working a lot of hours lately, some on the house and some on overtime for his job, so it was very fun to have the evening with him!

We started with some delectable chicken pot pie. The fat content in this bad boy is enough to make my cholesterol rise just looking at it, but it is one of our favorite comfort foods.

Dec 2010 009

Next we did our Jesse Tree devotion and read the Christmas story together. We were all on the couch, so I forgot to take pictures.

After that we opened the daily Advent house door.

Dec 2010 010

Today’s note said, “Exchange family gifts.” The other days have been more creative, but since I knew we planned to do this on the 18th, it made that day an easy one for me to plan.

Dec 2010 011

Markus playing with the nativity.

Dec 2010 012

And asking Mama if it’s okay to open a gift…

Dec 2010 014

We kept our presents simple. We had lots of fun rolling Markus’ new cars and reading books together and squishing Anja’s new Play-doh into molds shaped like little treats. Hope you and yours get time to cuddle and love and enjoy the greatest gift of the season: Christ.


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