Soft Things Afoot

One of the things on my “to do” list for the new house is to find an area rug for underneath our bed.  Due to my dust mite allergy, we are putting wood flooring in the master bedroom.  But I still want something soft and warm for my feet to hit until they find my slippers.

The wall color we’ve chosen (and that has been sitting around for almost a month now…) is Benjamin Moore Polished Slate (see swatch below).

Our master bedroom faces north and west, so we wanted a wall color that was bold but not too warm that would also complement our oak bedroom furniture.

My inspiration came from this picture. (Side note: I love that ladder, too, and am contemplating using something like it in our room for clothes that have been worn but aren’t quite ready for the laundry pile.)

Back to the task at hand.  So I am trying to pick a rug that will go well with that color, with our maple floors and the orange-y oak bed.  I’ve found a few at Target in a large floral print that are pretty cool, but I couldn’t find them on their website to show you.  As for the ones I’ve found online, Option #1 is this hemp/white leather one:

Option #2 is this jute one:

Option #3 is an indoor/outdoor rug from Dash & Albert:

And there could be other options out there. I lean toward natural-looking rugs (hence the hemp and jute), but the easy-clean of Option #3 would be nice.

I don’t think we want to spend the $ on a rug big enough for the entire bed to sit on, so I was thinking an 8×10 so it sticks out both sides and some at the foot of the bed.

Have you ever had an area rug under your bed?  If so, what size did you get?


3 thoughts on “Soft Things Afoot

  1. I like options 1 and 2. I like the natural look too. I’d pick the one that’s the softest – jute can be a little rough.

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