Farmhouse Trim

Another thing on my “to do” list for the house is to figure out what kind of moulding we want in the entire house.  We are ripping out the current standard-for-the-midwest-in-the-1970s dark wood trim in favor of white trim.  All you southern folks who have white moulding as a standard don’t know how good you have it!  It’s becoming more popular here, but still less common than the builder’s standard orange-y wood.

I really want to have farmhouse style trim, but I have had a very tough time finding anywhere online that tells DIYers what size of lumber to buy and how to put it together.
farmhouse trim

Or, I could just pick out some stuff at Home Depot and call it “good enough.” But since we’re already taking the time to make our new home “ours” before we move in, doesn’t it seem that we should do what we want now, rather than later?

2 thoughts on “Farmhouse Trim

  1. There are two things I’ve learned after living in our house for 10 years: 1) you don’t have to love absolutely every element of your designs/decorating to love the overall effect and feeling in the room; and 2) do it now! Or you’ll move in, life will take over, and you’ll end up making the improvements just before you put it on the market. Sometimes “good enough” really is. 🙂

    I think the size of the trim may depend somewhat on the size of your windows, but to me that photo looks like crown moulding on a 1×6 on a 1×2. Then I think the vertical must be a 1×4 because it’s more than half as wide as the horizontal flat piece.

  2. My husband remodels older houses in the Twin Cities. He often has to match similar trim (like your picture) in order to repair it properly. The exact dimensions vary house to house. The good news is that you are starting from scratch. If you have a picture of exactly what you want, he may be able to give some (free) advice. Send me an email if you’d like some help.

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