House Progress

It’s been a long month with Husband working overtime and the holidays.  We’ve made some slow but sure progress on the house, thanks to the help of some friends!

First pic is the living room, which is in quite a state of disarray!  The walls to the right have been primed and mudded (is that a word?) by Husband and a kind friend.  They were poorly done before, with some weird, unintentional texture and bubbling paint.  We’ll be glad to have them smooth again!

The kids’ room is painted, thanks to two other kind friends!  It is similar in color to their shared room here.  I heard somewhere that keeping color of walls and layout the same can help kids transition better.  I wasn’t completely happy with the wall color of their room here and was hoping for a more greenish-grayish blue this time around.  In the right light it is the color I wanted, and I think it will only look better once we get the trim up.

Husband removed the trim from most of the house, and he has also taken the carpet out of our bedroom in preparation for wood floors.  Buh-bye allergies (I hope!). 

Yesterday we spent the afternoon and evening painting the ceiling and starting the walls in the kitchen.  Husband got sick and went home, so we want to finish that up later this week. 

My first project yesterday was finalizing a paint color for the kitchen/dining (they adjoin).  So I ran to Hirshfield’s (for like the 5th time this month) and had them mix up some pint-sized samples of Benjamin Moore Sweet Caroline and Benjamin Moore Nantucket Breeze.  Sweet Caroline is on the middle of the wall facing us, and one the top over to the right of that same wall.  Nantucket Breeze is below SC on the right.  I ended up thinking both were too light and went with Benjamin Moore Dried Parsley, sight unseen.  From what I painted so far, I like it.  Not too minty, but the perfect spring green for a kitchen.  And it will hopefully coordinate well with Wythe Blue (the darker blue on the adjacent wall), which is what we’ve chosen for the living room.  And by “we,” I mean me.  🙂

Markus and Anja had to come with us yesterday, so we locked them each into a room downstairs for naps, then had Anja gated into their room (which she climbed over in about three minutes) and Markus stationed in his playpen.  Not the most fun evening for him, but we figure he won’t remember it when he’s older.  Ha! 

Here is the large section of the living room which Husband and friend patched with new drywall and mud.  Husband had never done that sort of work before, and it was so helpful to him to have a friend available to show him how.

We have high hopes for what we hope to complete in January, as we would like to move in by the end of the month or early February, Lord-willing.


4 thoughts on “House Progress

  1. Looks like you guys are really making progress! How nice that you can do all these projects first before you move in. Living in a state of chaos for the first month while we did painting, carpeting, trim drove me CRAZY.

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