A Fridge Decision

Thank you all so much for your input on stainless steel appliances.  You helped more than you know!

I was also able to find a kitchen that has virtually the same colors (cream cupboards, beige countertops, the same green we’re using on the walls in an adjacent room) and stainless steel appliances, and I liked how they looked.

Unfortunately, the space for the fridge is very small, and we are limited as to what will fit there.  I have found two stainless steel fridges that I think will fit the space (this or this), but I can’t tell if either of them is brushed stainless (the only option I’m willing to deal with if we do stainless, since I can’t abide the thought of the constant. fingerprint. wiping.).  Would they say “brushed” next to finish if they were?  Both of them say “smooth.”


3 thoughts on “A Fridge Decision

  1. Lowes is clearancing the current styles of Whirlpool appliances around Jan 17th. Should be some very good deals around then, fyi. I was there last week and saw something similar to your “wish list” for a fridge. You can probably get one for under $1000.

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