Markus, 1 Year

(sniff) A bittersweet post for a mommy to write, I tell ya.  Markus Scott, you turned one today!  You are such a joy to us.  I cannot get enough of your sweetness.  At one year old, you:

  • Are still pretty mellow.  We get remarks all the time about what a good boy you are, and we do NOT take that for granted!  I appreciate it about you daily.
  • Sleep about 11 hours at night, plus two naps during the day.  You like your rest!
  • Take a pacifier when you’re fussy, but you go to sleep without it most of the time.
  • Have been going through a picky phase, but you have a few favorite foods: bread (drat!), bananas, and broccoli.
  • Had your first little taste of chocolate today–some brownie.  You tried to shove the entire piece in your mouth and gnawed at it, then gave us the biggest smile.  Haha!
  • Have four teeth.
  • Are learning to bug your big sister, and you seem to enjoy it.  I sometimes have to break up little “fights,” even though she is perfectly capable of getting away from you.  Oh, the drama.
  • Can push yourself around the house on your little ride-on toy.  You think you’re pretty hot stuff when you’re riding it, and will do it for 20-30 minutes sometimes.  It’s your favorite.
  • Climb stairs and cruise around furniture.  No standing or walking by yourself yet (take your time!), but you’re getting more steady on your feet every day.
  • Have recently taken a liking to books.  Prior to this past month, it’s been hard to get you to sit still for even the simplest, most colorful baby books, but now we catch you rummaging through your bookshelves and “reading” them to yourself.  Hooray!
  • Only fuss when you’re scared or hungry.  You have a loud voice and aren’t afraid to use it, which is sometimes shocking because people don’t expect it from you.
  • Are drawn to balls and anything with wheels.
  • Get super-excited when Daddy gets home.  You love playing with him, or even just being carried around by him.
  • Have slimmed down a lot.  You still have your chumbly thighs, but a friend who stopped by yesterday commented on how much you’ve turned into a little boy instead of a round baby.  ‘Tis true.  But that doesn’t mean I’ll stop smooching your soft little neck or squeezing your smooshy legs anytime soon!
  • Have a few tricks up your sleeve: shaking your head “no” (which you often do when you are in trouble and we say “no no”), waving bye-bye, giving fives, and doing “so big.”  You have also learned to hand things to Mama on command, which is nice when you get into stuff you shouldn’t.
  • Still love to play “catch.”  Rolling a ball back and forth with me or Big Sis is fun.  You throw quite well, too.
  • Astound us with your mechanical abilities.  Aside from throwing the ball and riding the little car, you can already put all the rings on the ring stacker, stack blocks, and do other tasks requiring good motor skills.  That said….
  • Don’t have many words yet.  “Dada” is used the most consistently, along with “go go go” when you’re riding the car and “buh” for various things (balls, bye-bye, books).  We’re not worried, though.  All in good time!
  • Have some pretty silly nicknames.  Anja calls you Marky, which isn’t that silly, but Mama calls you Boofer, and Daddy calls you a host of things, but most often Buddy.
  • Have completely charmed us.  We love you, Son!  Happy First Birthday!

010911 005

010911 006
More photos and love here.


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