This Time, With Pants

010911 008

“Thanks, Mom. I feel much less…exposed.”

010911 007


2 thoughts on “This Time, With Pants

  1. Hi Heidi,

    Great chatting with you yesterday too!!! 🙂

    I am in love with the new Costco in Burnsville. They have 1lb boxes of organic spinach much cheaper than anywhere else. They also have other great staples like quinoa, organic carrots, flaxseed, agave, you name it…

    I do a lot of shopping at Valley too, but I try to get what i can in bulk (especially if we’ll use it up quickly-like spinach).

    I saw the post with your before-house pics. Where do you live??? I swear we have almost the same house!! We’re in Apple Valley – by the zoo.

    -Shelley 🙂

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