Things I Will Miss…

Even though we haven’t moved yet, I have started “missing” certain things about this home already.  We have lived here almost five years.  Both our kids were born while we lived in this house; it was their first home.

Some things I will miss:

  • The southern exposure.  Half of our windows here face the south.  We get tons of warm, beautiful sunshine streaming in, which sure makes winter more bearable.
  • The pool.  It has been really convenient to spend hot summer mornings there.  Only residents are allowed, and in the mornings it is almost always deserted.  So it was like having our own private pool.
  • The sewing corner.  Though I have used it quite infrequently, I love that it is surrounded by windows.
  • My ginormous kitchen.  The new kitchen is what I call a “one butt kitchen.”  No room for helpers, no room for an additional table where my kids can sit right nearby while I cook and clean up.  I will miss the giant pantry, the cupboard space that can fit virtually all my kitchen gear plus some decorating items, and an entire cupboard shelf dedicated to cookbooks.  My cupboard space will be slashed by about half, my counter much smaller, and I will have to walk into the dining area to feed the kids.
  • My appliances.  Our washer/dryer were the first appliance purchase we’ve ever made, and we’ve had them since we lived in our second apartment in Fargo.  I am so used to how they operate, and though I know we will get used to the new ones, too, it will take some adjusting.  Also, our kitchen appliances have their quirks (the icemaker that shoots ice all over the floor, the dishwasher that has been fixed with duct tape numerous times, the oven that is perpetually crooked due to funny “feet”), but again, we’ve grown accustomed to their idiosyncrasies.
  • The layout.  While sometimes I loathe having to go all the way down a long hall to get to the kids’ room or the office, there is something to be said for privacy.  Along with that…
  • The master bath and walk-in closet.  The master suite here is ginormous.  In fact, I kind of feel that we are giving up a lot of modern luxuries simply for the convenience of a family room and a little extra storage.  Hopefully it’s worth the trade-off!
  • The warmth.  Though our entry is always cold, the upstairs is toasty most of the time, with the exception of the kids’ room, which is over the garage.  I’ve spent a cold afternoon or two at the new house, and when it’s set at the same temperature it feels much cooler than here.  I guess the ’70s wall construction and insulation isn’t quite as good as this decade’s.  Hm.

Now don’t worry–I’m not such a sourpuss that I’m only going to post things I’ll miss.  Next week: things I’m looking forward to in the new house!


3 thoughts on “Things I Will Miss…

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