House Progress (Again)

Not a lot has happened that is apparent to the naked eye since my last post about the new house.

The kitchen is still all taped up, waiting for more paint. The appliances have been moved because my father-in-law, bless his heart, is re-wiring most of the kitchen for us. Turns out there was some definite damage to the wiring in the kitchen – so much so that he can’t believe the house is still standing (should have burnt down). We are so grateful for all his work up in the attic, making it so we can turn on lights again without risk of fire! You can see the existing color on the wall below the cabinets (beige) and the color the walls will be (a muted green) on the panel above the cupboards. I’m liking it so far!


Husband and f-i-l also laid engineered wood floors in the master bedroom. Again, not completed, but you get the idea.


Our kind friend who has been helping with the drywall came back and finished up the mudding this past week, and Husband finished the sanding, so we should have walls that look more normal once they’re painted. Hooray!


The kids and I hung out at the house on Friday while we waited for this beauty to be delivered. I loooooove the new couch!


However, I am very glad we haven’t been able to paint the living room, because the color I have picked out (and two gallons of it purchased!), Wythe Blue (top center), looks awful with the couch! Back to square one with that! I still love Wythe Blue; it will just have to go in another room. Don’t want to waste all that expensive no-VOC paint!

Here’s a close-up of the couch cushion with Wythe Blue. The couch is coming across more gray in the photos than it is. The fabric is actually a very tight weave of light blue and taupe.


Here is the cushion with another sample we have painted. Can’t even remember what color it is (sad!), but I definitely like it better.



3 thoughts on “House Progress (Again)

  1. I love watching your new house bloom. Slowly, but surely.

    We are looking into installing wood floors. Or wood-like (laminate). How difficult was/is it to DIY? We are finding that installation will cost more than the actual flooring, so we are contemplating having my husband do it.

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