The Current House

I realized, as I’ve been posting all these photos of The New House progress, I have been remiss in posting photos from the small renovation/room switcheroo we did at our current home last March! Egads.

And since the space will probably not receive enough attention to ever be considered “finished” before we move, you get it “as is.” 🙂

Here is Anja’s side of the room the kids share, which used to be an office/TV room.  The fabric hoop art has seen better days, unfortunately.  Anja regularly knocks them down, so they’re losing tension.  The bed was mine growing up (just freshened up with a coat of white spray paint).  More than one adult cannot sit on it or the side bows out and the mattress falls through.  We may have to get a new bed frame.

012411 015

I have been searching for the perfect (read: cute but not $35) toss pillow for Anja’s bed and scored this one at an occasional sale last weekend.

012411 016

Unfortunately, as I was taking those pictures, I heard my boy shuffling around behind me and turned to find THIS.

012411 014

Yep, he pushed almost an entire section of books out of the bookshelf. And since we have soooo many children’s books (a blessing, to be sure!), there are not one, but two sets of books in each cube. The side facing Anja’s bed has more of the “big kid” books.

012411 021

And Markus’s side has the board books.

012411 022

Here is the changing table area. That magazine rack thing we hung on the wall as a diaper-stacker is probably one of my best ideas ever. That’s pretty sad, I realize. 🙂

012411 018

Markus’s side of the room. The lovely bedding on the chair (pillow and quilt) were purchased when Anja was but a seedling in my belly (thanks, Mom!). Markus will use it as his crib set once he’s out of the wearable blanket phase. The chair was my grandparents’, and it has some “farmer sweat stains,” which I covered with some beautiful white hand-crocheted blankets. Fast, easy slip-cover, right?

012411 019

And, as is my life, Anja emptied half of the toy bin while I was photographing Markus’s side of the room.

012411 017

012411 020

That’s about it for their room tour! Maybe one day I’ll get some photos of the current office/TV room, too. But no promises. Ha!


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