The Power of A Kind Word to Your Child

Anja, bless her heart, gives her primary love language, which is encouraging words.  She really enjoys telling us when we are doing great at wiping up Markus after a meal or when she likes our shirt or when she appreciates us reading her a book.  Her encouragements, though sometimes accepted with a smirk on our lips, are precious.

She recently had a very bad day, filled with discipline and “no” and many dramatic tears.  All day long we fought, her strong will against mine, and by the end of it, I was exhausted.  Husband took over for the last half hour before bed so that I could get some filing done.  And while filing, I found a little blank note card in my stack.

I jotted a quick couple of sentences and left it on her pillow.

012611 005

Her reaction surprised me. I knew she would like it, but to hear such simple words at the end of a day when I’m sure she thought her mama wasn’t very happy with her made her face light up and her entire disposition change. She kept the card with her in bed and looked at it for many days afterward.

Her crushed spirit changed to cheer.

How can you use the power of a kind word to cheer someone today?


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