Things I’m Looking Forward To

As I alluded to in a previous post, there are plenty of things I have to look forward to in the new house.  I mean, would we have purchased it if there weren’t some pros?

In addition to getting a single family home with a monthly payment several hundred dollars less than our current townhome (thank you, housing market!), the new house has all of this:

  • A nice-sized yard where the kids can run and play and build and dig relatively safely.  We have hopes to fence the yard this spring, depending on whether or not we can afford it.
  • Mature trees!  I love older neighborhoods for this very reason.  What is with the trees they plant nowadays that never seem to grow?  Sure, one of those trees landed on the garage of the new house during a storm a few years back (we’re told), so they come with risks, but they also provide shade and character and a place to build a tree house!
  • A place to garden.  Whether I build a raised bed or just dig out a plot, I am looking forward to having some perennials and annuals NOT in pots.  And maybe even some veggies if I get ambitious this year.  I long to teach the kids that what they eat comes from plants we can grow, not just from the produce shelves at the store or the CSA.
  • A lake within walking distance.  Yep!  Our current place has a man-made pond nearby (where people actually swim…gross…), but the new place is near to one of the better lakes in the Twin Cities area.  I look forward to some beach trips this summer!
  • A nice park and ice rink also within walking distance.
  • Four bedrooms.  Hooray!  While the kids will still share one for now, there is room to each have their own someday (or potentially share…ahem, Husband, ahem…).  And one will be my designated office/guest room.  No more taking over the dining table with piles of work!  And actually, since there isn’t a dining room, it’s especially important that I leave our table alone.  We need to eat there all the time.
  • Storage.  Not only do we have an under-stairs closet, but the laundry room is big enough that we should be able to keep most of our off-season clothes and some decorative items there.  We got our Rubbermaid tubs out of our rented storage unit in December–one less thing to pay for is great!
  • A shed!  I have big plans for that shed, if Husband lets me have my way with it.  🙂
  • A generously-sized entry with a walk-in coat closet.  Guests, no more bumping into each other as you hop around on one foot trying to put on your boots while tripping over our family’s shoes.  I hope to have a chair where you can sit comfortably and a place to store our shoes.

I’m sure there are tons more, but this post is getting too long as it is.  So much to look forward to!  I’m a planner, by nature, so I would be lying if I said I haven’t spent hours and hours planning details of the new place.  I want it to be a great little haven where we can relax, enjoy each other, and entertain guests.


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