Simple Woman’s Daybook 02.08.11

I found this idea via Esther, and I just love it.  So I think I’ll play along today!

Outside my window…crusty snow and icicles lie in wait. Highs are in the single digits until the weekend.
I am thinking…about how I need to be working.  🙂
I am thankful for…healthy kids.  After a bout of the ick this weekend for Anja, I am glad that a bad day or two is all I have to deal with at this point.
From the kitchen…potato-leek pizza, salad, and Valentine cut-out cookies.
I am wearing…sweat pants and a long-sleeve tee from concert band tour in college.  Fancy.
I am creating…a felt valentine garland (that I started last year…sigh…).
I am going…to pick Anja up from preschool later.
I am reading…Notes from a Small Island by Bill Bryson and One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp.
I am hoping…for a great first “back in the saddle” photo shoot this weekend of a friend’s little girl.
I am hearing…a small voice whispering (my daughter, not God).  🙂
Around the house…I have a new paper heart garland and a big stack of boxes for the move.
One of my favorite things…is feeling valued.
A few plans for the rest of the week: MOPS, Small Group, and helping Anja paint nails and do hair for a daddy-daughter dance this weekend!  I am so excited for them!
Here is picture for thought I am sharing…an oldie but goodie of my girl, taken over 2 years ago!

Open 010709

Join the fun or read more entries here.


6 thoughts on “Simple Woman’s Daybook 02.08.11

  1. That is a fun idea! Oh my goodness. Those brown eyes are just captivating! =)

    I answered your query on my blog, but thought I would stop by again here too. I’m from St. Paul and currently live in Vadnais Heights. How about you?

  2. What a fun Q&A post! ❤ Great to learn a little about you since I'm new to your adorable blog! =) I'm really loving the green and brown combo btw! cute!!! And that photo! Ohmygosh thats a great shot of your little cutie =)

    I think the squeaky heart was from either Dollar Tree or Target! Hope you can find one! I bet even PetSmart, Petco, or PetSupermarket would carry them too for vday! ❤

  3. I really enjoyed it.1 Thanks! And the fun part is, we could do it again today and it would be totally different.

    Are you planning to do it one day a week or anything? I’m thinking I’ll do 10 on Tuesdays still, and maybe the Daybook on Fridays..

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