Abdallah Candies in Burnsville

Once a year I make the trek to Abdallah Candies in Burnsville, MN to buy an assortment of chocolates for Husband for Valentine’s Day.  I have seen their little boxes here and there at retail stores locally, but for some reason I like to go and “pick and choose” my own.

My favorites, of the ones I’ve tried?  The chocolate mints and the dark chocolate caramels.  Yum!

I do realize that candy is a fairly cliche V-day gift, but I think Husband likes them.  Bonus: He usually, ahem, shares a few with me.  🙂

Is there a special treat you traditionally give or get on Valentine’s Day?












3 thoughts on “Abdallah Candies in Burnsville

  1. i have always given my kids necco conversation hearts, but i can’t find them this year. i will have to break tradition and get something new. my older girls won’t like that, but i will explain the change to them.

    happy valentine’s day!

  2. I’m making my husband a heart-shaped cheesecake…shhh….don’t tell him it’s a surprise! He wanted to buy me a cake (and I said nooo…but I love cake) I just think a nice homemade dinner and cheesecake is enough. Okay, and maybe a chick flick! 😉

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