Last Weeks in Pictures

Haven’t had a lot of time to blog lately, so thought I’d just do a quick recap/share.

Sick girl snacks
022111 001

No bathing privacy in this house! He’s recently figured out how to open the toilets, too (joy…), so we leave the bathroom doors closed at all times.
022111 003

Sweetest. Thing. Ever. Husband may or may not kill me for posting this. (To be fair, he just used the stuff that was lying around from Anja’s Valentine-making…he’s not normally a puffy paint kinda guy.)
022111 004

022111 005

An up-do for the dance.
022111 010

A different kind of dance.
022111 006

022111 007

A tradition. And the second one is blurry, but I like it anyway. The Valentine “Angel” was a special request from Anja. I aim to please! 😉
022111 008

022111 009

A sucker from a classmate.
022111 011

A makeup-less self-portrait. I don’t often post photos of myself, so why this one? I do not know.
022111 024

And some cookies I made are here.


3 thoughts on “Last Weeks in Pictures

  1. The Valentine is so, so sweet! Anja is very blessed to have such a man in her life!!

    I thought I recognized the orange onesie in a previous post…this post confirmed it with the sports onesie. My MIL got Miles both for Christmas! I almost did a double take because it even sort of looked like Miles from the back!

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