Markus’s 1st Birthday, a bit late

Realized last week that I never blogged pics from my boy’s first birthday party, other than the cakesmash ones on my photo blog.  Oops!

Here’s a couple from his actual first birthday.

011511 007

011511 008

011511 009

He had a kinda sorta “balls” theme going on (since they are his favorite toy), so I made a basketball cake out of a tried-and-true banana cake with caramel frosting recipe I’ve used for Husband’s birthday many times.

011511 010

The banner was hung ’round the living room with care…

011511 011

011511 012

011511 014

011511 015

As you can see, my decorations were FAN. CEE. Some balls on the coffee table. 🙂

011511 013

Super-easy apps.
011511 016

A little sign using the available magnets on the fridge. (Markus is trying to figure out what it says.)
011511 017

A bunch of balloons, which he LOVED.
011511 018

011511 019

011511 020

011511 021

Simple stuff. That’s how we do young kid birthdays around here.

And speaking of birthdays, Happy 1/2 Birthday to my girl!!


4 thoughts on “Markus’s 1st Birthday, a bit late

  1. I love the pictures of hubby & Markus and you and Markus in the beginning. I love your hair too, by the way! Super cute! Let me know when I can take that awesome cubed shelf off of your hands for you. You don’t want to move that right? 🙂 LOVE IT! Where did you get it? Cute apps. You are so fancy! I love it! ( I wonder how many times I just wrote love, good grief!)

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