Anja, 3 1/2

We did a few little things (Rice Krispie Bars, which I never make, and a special dinner) to celebrate Anja’s half birthday. And since she has her birthday right before school starts, she also got to celebrate at preschool, which means a special crown and a fan and a pencil picked from the prize box. Purple cupcakes, too.

030111 018

Anja, I want to celebrate you here, too. At three and a half years old, you:

  • Are fiery and outspoken at home, shy and demure in public.  We can’t figure out the dichotomy of your personality(ies?).  We have to constantly tell you to be quieter, train you to wait your turn instead of interrupting.  At preschool/Sunday school/MOPS, they have to ask you to speak up, and I’ve seen you be completely subdued by a younger child.  Puzzling, but we will continue to work together to help you grow into the best “you” you can be.  🙂
  • Are still very tall for your age.
  • Are potty trained, but still have the occasional accident.  I assume this is common.
  • Are developing more interest in “girly” things, like jewelry, hair, makeup.  You ask me much more often to do things to your hair (whereas before I had to pin you down to put in a ponytail, which was stripped out moments later), and you usually wear ALL your necklaces, rings and bracelets at once.
  • Are still our good eater.  You eat almost any food, including curries, salads, raw veggies without dip, dates and prunes…we know we can’t have the same expectation of Markus, but eating with you is usually fun!
  • Are role-playing a lot more.  Your favorites are “Teacher,” “Mama,” “Zookeeper,” and “Doctor.”  You set up schools/zoos/veterinary clinics in your room often, and we are invited to visit.
  • Will start swimming lessons soon.  The community ed classes we did were kind of a joke, so I’m excited to see you begin to learn real strokes!  It’s a very useful skill, and great exercise!
  • Still never walk anywhere.  Running is your primary mode of transport.  And sometimes hopping on one foot.
  • Have started to have an opinion on clothes.  You turned down a swishy tulle skirt and opted for a navy-and-white striped top last week.  I wouldn’t have guessed you would pick it, but it does look adorable on you.  Thankfully you’re not asking to borrow stuff from me yet.
  • Love Sherman best, or so you just told me.  You have always been quite object-oriented.
  • Know all your letters and are starting to sound out short words.
  • Are good at entertaining your brother.  He really enjoys your antics.

(note the hand sneaking into this next pic)

030111 019

Anja, we love you so much, especially your enthusiasm for life and your ability to encourage others. Happy 1/2 way to 4! 🙂

030111 020

030111 021


4 thoughts on “Anja, 3 1/2

  1. Emma’s sitting on my lap as I read this, and she said, “Who’s that?” I said, “It’s Anja!” She said, “Oh! Anja! She’s my friend.”

    I think they’d get along SO well.

  2. She’s a sweetie. My girl is also 3 1/2 – and yes, the occasional accident is still going on here. So is the girly-interest thing. My daughter has started asking regularly to put on her fairy costume, which she couldn’t care less about when I brought it home from a garage sale last spring. It makes me glad. And a little nervous.

  3. So cute! You just described Makiah to a “T” in your first bit about her, fiery and outspoken at home and shy out in public and at school. I hear from her teacher’s that she is such a good listener and quiet and studious. I am half tempted to ask if it is my Makiah that they are talking about. 🙂 I am glad she is good in school though.

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