Meal Planning – Seasonal Suggestions

I had an epiphany while I prepared supper last night.  While I am a huge proponent of meal planning, and there are many methods to it (this being closest to what I do), I realized that I rarely prepare a meal more than once or twice per year.  I have a binder that is full of favorite recipes I’ve pulled from magazines, websites, blogs, and as it has grown, I have so many “favorites” (meaning I’ve prepared it more than once and we’ve all liked it) that we eat a very wide array of dishes.

There are a couple of stand-bys that use ingredients I always have in my pantry, meals I can whip up on a moment’s notice or put into the rotation on a busy week.  Those dishes I will make probably once every month or two.  They include:

  • Pasta with red sauce and italian cheeses
  • Pancakes and eggs with fruit/veggies
  • Eggbake (breakfast-for-supper is just so easy!)
  • Chef salad
  • Chicken and biscuits (comfort food)

Another idea that I think is fabulous if you are just learning to meal plan is having “theme nights.”  I’ve never done this, but I feel like it would limit choices, thereby making it easier.  For instance, Monday is Mexican night, Tuesday is Crock Pot night, Wednesday is pasta, Thursday is salads, and so on.  Plus then you will usually have a pantry well-stocked for these themes.

If you are a seasoned meal planner and looking to shake things up a bit and add some new ideas to your routine, I thought I’d post a few of our seasonal favorites here, ones from my binder.  Some of the recipes could easily be included in multiple seasons, so go for what is local, fresh, seasonal and incorporate it.  Enjoy!






3 thoughts on “Meal Planning – Seasonal Suggestions

  1. Wow some of these look absolutely delicious! We don’t currently do meal planning and I hope to start this year. Thanks for sharing your ideas!

  2. I just started going through all of my recipes that I have loose in my cabinet. You know, the pages from magazines, scraps of paper, etc. I got a binder and some page protecters and I am organizing by season. I think it will make it so much easier to find recipes when I actually want to make them!
    Love Ree’s apple dumplings! I have made them several times and they are so good!

  3. We have been trying the “theme night” approach for about three weeks now. I’m surprised at how much it helps us to not settle for takeout or other unhealthy options on evenings when our brains are fried from work. Having a plan (i.e. Monday is pizza night, Tuesday is breakfast night, etc.) also helps us when we make our weekly grocery trip. We can plan ways to purposefully add veggies to a certain meal that might ordinarily be not-so-healthy, try new sides, etc. Looking forward to trying some of your suggestions as they fit into our “themes”. 🙂

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