Markus, 15 months

Oh, Markus, my boy.  You have changed a TON these past three months.  At 15 months old, you:

  • Are trying, and liking, many more foods.  Some of your favorites: barley, sweet potatoes, pinto beans, peaches, bread, and almond milk.
  • Took your first steps a few weeks ago, but still don’t walk more than a few steps at a time.  You’re a cautious one when it comes to walking, but…
  • Attempt new things with reckless abandon.  From standing on wobbly little chairs to scaling a pile of boxes to taking on your sister (who is almost double your weight) in a fight, you are not one to back down from a challenge.
  • Have developed an unfortunate “whining/screeching” noise that you make when you don’t get your way.  It happened while we were gone in Dallas, so I blame your grandparents.  🙂
  • Also developed an attachment to a lovey (bear head with a blanket attached) while we were gone.  It’s pretty cute to see you hugging him and dragging him around.
  • Have gained weight and height.  Hooray!  Both were necessary, since you had barely gained any at your 1 yr appointment.
  • Are loving books more and more.  You have developed favorites, and we’re excited to watch you learn as you read.
  • Are still a mama’s boy.  You have got serious stranger anxiety, and don’t even like to be with Daddy when I am in the room.  We’ll keep on leaving you with other people and praying that this gets better.
  • Are completely scared of animals.  We went to the zoo this week, and the only thing that didn’t make you cry was the fish.  We think it possibly stems from a memory of a friend’s dog giving you an unwelcome face bath, but we are praying that this, too, will pass.
  • Have figured out way, way too many things around the house.  You can turn on Daddy’s TV and X-box, open baby-proofed cupboards, pull a stool up to the counter and reach the stove (BIG uh-oh), pull down and empty boxes on my supply shelf, open toilet lids, flush toilets, and most recently, reach table-tops and anything within a few inches of the edge (which will be pulled to the floor).  And we thought your sister got into a lot of stuff!
  • Still have the biggest, squishiest cheeks that I love to nibble.
  • Are a precious gift from God.  We love you!

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One thought on “Markus, 15 months

  1. It took Mike and Mary and I the whole time you were gone to get him to learn that whine/screech but apparently we were successful!!!

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