The French Braid

Apparently I take after my mother in the French braiding department. Meaning: I can’t do it. Normal braids, I can do, but I can’t for the life of me get Anja’s hair to take a French braid. Maybe the hair is the problem? Since my mom couldn’t get one in mine, either, maybe she just has my kind of hair? Yeah, I’ll keep telling myself that.  And giving her awesome other-styles instead.

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5 thoughts on “The French Braid

  1. Oh, that’s a cute hairstyle 🙂 It looks like you can get the hair to go the direction you need it to for a french braid… I have a few ideas to share if you want: sometimes it helps if the hair is wet, or if it has some dried mousse in it so it dosen’t slip as easy… sometimes just using your fingers or the opposite, just using a comb helps. My mom had a comb with a pointy handle she used on my hair to braid it.
    My kids rarely let me french braid their hair, but even if turns out loose, it is progress. Its hard on a little kid cuz they have to sit still so long but with their smaller head, but the good side is you only need to put in 4 or so “stiches” to get down to their neck at first 🙂 Keep trying! (but keep doing those cool hairstyles in the meantime!!)

  2. I was going to suggest some pomade or something to help give the hair something to stick to. I’m also maybe a bit weird, but I prefer to French braid dry hair rather than wet because I can get it smoother that way. My girls have really fine hair too. What I did when they were smaller is that I would do 2 French braids, keeping the braid close to the ear (as with most braids, braid in the direction you want the hair to lay), then instead of continuing to braid down after running out of hair, I would end them in flippy piggies, and clip a bow on each one. So cute! I also did the same thing using French twists instead of braids. (I learned how to French braid when I was about 10. Then I practiced on dolls until I was proficient. Maybe Anja has a doll or a Barbie you could practice on.)

  3. Texture definitely helps when french braiding – gel or mousse or something – but yes, I agree it’s hard to get a good smooth braid when it’s wet. Maybe have a fine layer of styling product on your hands when braiding dry hair. Mine is full of curls and very thick so I used to always be the head people wanted to practice on – I could sleep on french braids and go to school the next day without touching them. Rather than starting up high on the head start low and do a couple “stitches” near the bottom for awhile. That’s a really cute look on a little girl too. Keep practicing!

  4. What do you mean, I couldn’t do a french braid on your hair? I just plain didn’t know how. ha! You have much more talent than me in that area so I’m sure you will be able to achieve it.

  5. I always french braid our girls hair wet, after I’ve combed it out, and comb as I go to keep it flat. At Anja’s age I often did three or four, separating each strip into ponytails first so they wouldn’t get in the way as I braided each section. It took a lot of practice to get it really nice, but I learned on myself first when I was young, so I did know how to do the actual braiding. We always do it in front of the TV so they sit really still. I”m sure you could do it on Anja with practice–I would just recommend smaller sections so you don’t have to stretch the hair so far. Know what I mean?

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