A new way with Egg-decorating

Many of you already know that our family does all the commercial Easter things to celebrate the first day of Spring. So these pictures are old. But…they’re probably just in time for those of you who will be doing the commercial Easter things this week and weekend!

Since we’re on the Elimination Diet, the kids our the current consumers of our hard-boiled eggs. He gets the yolks, and Anja gets the whites.

I like to dye eggs, but I didn’t want my kids eating anything dye-saturated, and I couldn’t see throwing a bunch of perfectly good eggs in the garbage, so I looked up alternative ways to decorate eggs. This one was super-easy. Put your still-hot hard-boiled eggs in an egg crate and let your little one color them. The crayon melts on the egg and virtually becomes “paint.” Anja had a blast.

The next week I found a brochure at the co-op on how to dye eggs using organic items (I didn’t read it, but I’m thinking beet juice, turmeric, etc.).

Have you ever done something besides the traditional dye bath?

040811 007

On another note, happy 31st birthday to one of my besties, Ingrid!


4 thoughts on “A new way with Egg-decorating

  1. When I was student teaching I dyed eggs naturally. Beet juice, beet greens…can’t remember the rest, but it was fun. They weren’t as vibrant, but were still so pretty.

  2. I’ve never dyed eggs using anything but Paas tablets. Love those things! Love how they fizz in the vinegar and water solution. In fact, the smell of vinegar reminds me of Easter.

    To me, the amount of dye that might stain a hard-boiled egg is extremely small. Think of all the dye still in the cup. And this is coming from a person who won’t even buy cereal with artificial dyes (except for Lucky Charms on St. Pattie’s Day). We avoid dyes most of the year, so I’m okay with Paas. Plus, it’s easier than boiling grass from our yard to make green (a real suggestion I saw).

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