House Sneak Peeks

042211 002

042211 003

Kids’ room (closet door unpainted, nail holes unfilled):
042211 004

Master bedroom:
042211 005

042211 006

Daylilies peeking up in the backyard. 🙂
042211 008

Still not done, still not moved, but still working!


12 thoughts on “House Sneak Peeks

    • That master bedroom is turning out to be my favorite, too. It’s giving me more confidence in choosing bolder colors, though I still prefer subtle tones. And I agree on the oak/brown trim. Not a fan!

  1. LOVELY!! Did you go with a colour adviser what-have-ya or do it on your own? Either way. looks like it’s turning out GREAT!! Excited for you guys…

    • Thanks, Hibby! I’ve picked the colors myself, primarily. It’s been tough, sometimes painting up to 7 samples on a wall before I decided. But we’re liking the end result, too. 🙂

  2. LOVE the master bedroom color!! And the kitchen! We are moving this week and next so I’m starting to envision paint colors too. Thanks for the inspiration!

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