Me, walking in on Anja after her nap: Hey honey, did you sleep today, or did you play the whole time?

Anja: I played.

Me: Okay.  Why do you have the fan on?

Anja: I like how it spins.  Look how fast and nice it is spinning!

Me: Aha.  *Leaves room to hang up laundry*

Anja, returning to play: These guys live in their house in North Covania.

Me: Really?  What state is that in?

Anja: State?  Um, it’s next to a store called Truck Roasted.

Me, attempting not to smirk: Ohh…and what do they sell?

Anja, matter-of-factly: They sell trucks and toast.  *pause* Mama, have you ever seen a store that sells trucks and toast?

Me, hiding smile: Nope.


Anja, you are such a funny little thing.  You have several words you pronounce incorrectly.  Daddy (or other people) will sometimes correct you, and I ask them not to.  You have your whole adult life to speak properly, but only for so long will I get to hear things like “lemonlade” and “brushteeth (toothbrush).”


6 thoughts on “Conversations

  1. So cute! My favorites were “ornage” for orange and then “puckcake” when she was really little. I would say, “say ‘cup'”, “cup”, “say ‘cake'”, “cake”, “say ‘cup-cake'” “Puckcake!” Cracked me up every time. And now she’s seven and says them all correctly. It’s just too cute and the time goes past so quickly!

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