Snack Picnic

Sometimes they require less prep, and we do them in our own “backyard.” This one happened to be early May when Grandma was here for a visit! How much they have changed since last spring!

050611 002

050611 003

050611 004

050611 005

050611 006

050611 007

Grandma being a dork.
050611 001

Markus’s expression while watching Grandma be a dork. “Huh? I don’t get it…”
050611 008

050611 009

050611 010

050611 011

050611 012

And so began the shaking of the sippy cup.
050611 013

Got a little in my eye…
050611 014

“Seriously, Markus? Grow up.”
050611 015

Ever the maverick, Markus loves going down slides by himself this year. Sometimes headfirst, sometimes backwards, and sometimes he just steps off onto the slide.
050611 016

050611 017

I’m sure a good mother would catch him at the bottom…
050611 018

I am looking forward to many more days of outside play, Lord-willing!

4 thoughts on “Snack Picnic

  1. I love the look on Anja’s face and Markus going down the slide head first! When did he grow up? We need to stop out and see you guys again. It’s been too long!

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