Sherman’s New Lease on Life

Sorry to keep all three of you in suspense over the past week. ๐Ÿ™‚ Here’s the lowdown on Sherman:

I posted a pic of Sherman on Facebook a few weeks ago, and a friend of ours from college mentioned that he was pretty sure he had an identical dog sitting on his desk at work. This seemed like a long shot, since the original Sherman was purchased about 9 or 10 years ago. He mentioned that he’d gotten his quite a while ago from his girlfriend (now wife), and that amped up my hopes considerably. After a few more Facebook exchanges, we determined that the new doggie was a match, and his wife dropped him off at our house on her way through the Twin Cities to Chicago (thanks, Liz!!).

I prepped Anja that afternoon by telling her that a new doggie that looked like Sherman was on its way to our house. I asked her what she would call the new doggie. She thought for awhile, then said, “I will call him Rosie.”

“Rosie it is!” I proclaimed happily, and we went about our afternoon. To say Anja was excited to see “Rosie” was a vast understatement. She was bouncing off the walls with giddiness. Her first comment was, “I didn’t remember Sherman was so soft, Mama.” Haha!

“Rosie” didn’t last long, and we had a resurrected Sherman by bedtime. A couple weeks later, he is already showing some signs of aging, like a crustier coat and a squeezed neck, but there’s a new shine in his little eyes.

While the original Sherman still remains at large (*tear*), we are so grateful to our friend Greg who was willing to share his doggie with a little girl who will love him times a million. Hopefully he won’t end up like Lotso.

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