Markus, 17 months

I meant to post last month but didn’t.  Here’s the latest and greatest on our boy.

060311 006

Markus’s vocabulary has really exploded this past month!  He was already saying Mama, Dada, Anja (Ah-yuh), car, baby, bear, and signing a few words.  But he has recently added cracker, cookie, please (which is freakin’ heart-melting when he says it), amen, duck, cow, sorry (signed), ball, and pshhhh (which means various things, but is mostly a sound effect).

Between months 15-16, he really began walking well, too.  This has pros and cons, of course.  🙂  He is a dancing machine, which is adorable.  I love walking around with his chubby hand wrapped up in mine, but he can be pretty reckless in his walking and often sports a noggin full of bruises.  His new favorite thing to do is grab something he knows he shouldn’t have and take off with it, giggling like crazy.

He has not only figured out the cupboard locks but occasionally opens the gate himself.  Thankfully he is conscious enough of danger to turn around and take stairs on his tummy, since we have a set of 16 from entry to the gate!  He loves to climb anything his stumpy little legs can get him up on, and his favorite places to get into mischief are in the shower or bathtub (when he’s not supposed to be in them) or behind the computer, pulling on wires.  I have grown a third eye and sharpened my hearing immensely these past couple months.

Markus is definitely disobedient in a different way than Anja.  While she is all guile and drama, he will blatantly look you in the eye and merrily do something wrong (pull out the carbon monoxide detector and run away, beat the mini-blinds until they are ruined, throw every toy out of the bin into all corners of the room, bite his sister).  Yet he still seems disturbed and shocked when he is disciplined.  He is most penitent (or at least most upset) when he hears Daddy’s stern voice.

He loves the outdoors and frequently begs to go out.

060311 002

His favorite toys are anything with wheels and his special bear lovey.

060311 003

And here are a few shots of him dancing (excuse the toys and boxes–we still haven’t moved).
060311 008

(You perhaps thought I was exaggerating the stumpy legs, but those are shorts he’s wearing!)

060311 009

060311 010

060311 011

060311 012

He does this move often–we think it may be an early attempt at break dancing?
060311 014

060311 013

We love you, Boofy! You’re the goofiest, cutest, sweetest little boy in the world.

2 thoughts on “Markus, 17 months

  1. What a cutey! I love the pictures. He is all boy, that is how they act! You have your hands full but aren’t you glad you have them both!

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