Anja, 3 3/4 years

I’m done with calculating months for her. Too much math. 🙂

060311 004

Our little lady is growing up so quickly. Less than three months and she’ll be four. Yikes! Anja is impetuous and precocious (unknowingly so), bossy to us yet shy with her peers. In the last semester of preschool, we really noticed her coming out of her shell (as did her teachers, who said she was starting to act out more and mind them less…sigh…) with friends. (She got the hat below, and the schmutz on her face, at the party they held for summer b-days at preschool.)

060311 019

She is goofy beyond words, which is one of the few things that keeps everyone from assuming she is five. Every. time. someone finds out she is three, they are shocked. “Yes, she’s tall for her age, and she talks well and A LOT.” I say that statement usually at least once a week. She is encouraging with her words (but also uses them to mame!) and affectionate, giving hugs and kisses to those who love her.

060311 025

She has little quirks, like playing with the hair on the right side of her head, putting her hands in her mouth when she’s laughing or nervous, and screaming loudly and often. She tells elaborate stories while playing with her toys, acting out scenes she has memorized from books or made up herself. She sings long songs, usually in the car and usually directed to God, but also usually with poor theology (“God…..I love you…..and you made me and I made you… la la…..the earth is the sun and the trees are all around, and it is so beautiful….”). I may have to record some of them before she is out of this stage.

060311 005

Anja is playful and cheerful but may burst into tears suddenly at a moment’s notice. We have noticed very lately that she seems to be coming out of the “terrible threes” (which all my friends warned me would be worse than the twos…I think they were all about the same, but it’s been a looooong phase either way). She is more willing to help without complaint, fusses less about routine tasks/daily life, and is more cognizant of others’ feelings.

060311 033

Anja, you are our special little girl. We are so glad God gave you to us, and we can’t wait to see what unfolds next out of that creative mind of yours. 🙂

060311 034

2 thoughts on “Anja, 3 3/4 years

  1. Your kids are going to love that you have done this for them when they get a little older. It will be so fun for them to read. Love the last picture of Anja by the tree…

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