Markus, 19 months

So I missed the big 18 month post, but I’m pretty sure my boy will forgive me.  Markus, at 19 months, you:

  • Are still in the 45th percentile area for weight and height.  But your cute, stumpy legs sure can haul you around FAST!
  • Are showing much more preferences in food.  Unfortunately, anything green (other than broccoli or cooked spinach) doesn’t seem to make the cut.  We hope this will change as you get a little older.  You know your mama doesn’t do mac ‘n’ cheese…
  • Have a ton of new words (though some of these may overlap from your last post): truck (guck), pashy (pacifier), Biggie (your bear lovey’s name), pig, cow, dog, woof, kitty (ki-ki), meow, light, banana, apple, chocolate (chockit), food, yum, thank you, help, up, Markus (Markish), Uncle, Nick (those last two are usually combined), Manda, Maggie, Abigail (Abbu), goggles, bubbles, swim, hat, beach, outside, frog (can’t print how that one is pronounced, as it’s a cuss), fall down, and many more I’m not remembering right now.  Basically if we tell you a word once you remember it and use it again.  Atta boy!
  • Have new favorite toys: a green dump truck, a big stuffed pig, and any small hot wheels car.
  • Love to go outside.  You’ll often wait at the door or window and say “go outside” over and over again.
  • Still take afternoon naps for about 2 1/2 hours, provided your sister doesn’t keep you awake the whole time, since you share a room.  But you seem to like sleep more than her in general and have your daddy’s ability to fall asleep the instant your head hits the bed.
  • Have perfected this screaming/whining noise that you prefer to use in places like restaurants, church, the grocery store, libraries–pretty much anywhere quiet and public.  Bad guy.
  • Are able to sit through lengthier books nowadays.  They still need to be about a topic that interests you (see: trucks and animals), but we’re fine with that.  🙂
  • Eat color crayons but won’t touch anything that has a dough-y texture, even if it’s food.
  • Climb on things like crazy.  The other day I found you triumphantly standing on top of my sewing table.  Not cool, Little Man.
  • Are showing good taste in music.  When watching a music video of Barton’s Hollow (The Civil Wars) with me last night, and it had to stop to finish buffering (not-so-stellar internets here in Door County), you said, “More!  Fun!”
  • Say “sorry” in such a way that 90% of the time I have to hide my face or duck around a corner because I’m laughing.  It’s durn cute.
  • Do not worship your sister anymore.  When she tries to get you to do anything, you often scream/whine “NO!” loudly and run away.  This is probably a good thing–trust those survival instincts.
  • Can light up my day with your smile like no other little boy in the world!

Markus, we love you and pray for you every night, that you will grow to be a man of God and bear the fruit of the Spirit.  You’re our special guy!

(photo will probably come later when I’m at home…)