Notes to Self

Another “draft,” this one from March 2009 (before Markus was even a thought!).  It’s incomplete, but better than nothing, right?  Don’t answer that.  😉


1) Do not watch tear-jerker movies at the gym.  People look at you funny when you’re blubbering as you do hip abductions.

2) Don’t use valet parking anymore, even if it seems convenient (accidents!).

3) Getting a diaper pail with a lid does not necessarily keep out curious toddlers.  Gross.

4) When you plan to serve a meal comprised mainly of barley to a toddler, please calculate the amount of time involved in picking up said barley, sticky piece by sticky piece, from the floor when said toddler decides she doesn’t feel like barley.

5) Decadent chocolate dessert at a French cafe split with a toddler = no nap = frazzled mom.

6) Your baby can now identify the smell of chocolate on your breath; beware.


2 thoughts on “Notes to Self

  1. – I also think the Diaper Genie was a big waste of money! The room would still stink if you didn’t empty right away!

    – Never, ever take a toddler to a cafe, you’re just asking for trouble.

    – I now hide my chocolate and eat it when the kids aren’t around or are sleeping.

  2. I need to start publishing my drafts!! Maybe by December I’ll finally publish that Christmas meme I copied off your blog like 2 years ago that’s 3/4 done!

    #1 cracked me up. We don’t have a gym anymore but we used to go super dark early in the morning and I always tried to beat this woman in her late 50’s who would always monopolize the women’s room (aka tv remote) by watching horrible Lifetime movies (aren’t they all?) I think I even blogged about it once! I despised running in the big room with Grossly Grunting Guys but I think she raced to beat me too and won more often. I just can’t do lame tv while trying to stay in the zone! 🙂 Funny though, I loved watching the Food Network while working out…maybe I felt I deserved to eat rich dishes after this torture!

    Oatmeal is as bad as barely. SO sticky! He’s eating it as I type, actually!

    btw, it’s October and I’m craving certain pumpkin pancakes. *sigh*

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