Anja, 4 Years

When did THAT happen? My chubby-cheeked little toddler turned into a “big girl” overnight, it seems. Anja, at 4 years (and two months), you:

  • Have the same wacky sense of humor you’ve had since you were a toddler.  Silly dances, funny-shaped mouths, and odd noises combine to = you.
  • Love love love to read.  I think you’d read for two hours every day if my voice held out.  That makes me glad!  Learning is much easier when you enjoy reading.
  • Have gone through the first five books in the Little House on the Prairie series…you were more interested when the girls were younger, and we still read it regularly but I have to do it in small bits to keep you interested.
  • Are kind of sneaky.  When you want to do something naughty, you often attempt to hide it or even lie about it at first.  Your conscience usually gets the best of you, but we keep praying the Holy Spirit will soon keep you in line.
  • Can’t go to bed without some drama.  Bathroom trips, drinks of water, “nightmares” before you’ve fallen asleep are common excuses for getting out of bed.
  • Have a great imagination.  The elaborate stories you weave and act out with your “guys” continue to amaze us (and often make us laugh).  This is another thing that keeps you up late…we hear your little voice over the monitor, singing made-up songs and telling intricate tales to your guys.
  • Have gotten much better about listening to your parents.  There’s always room to grow, but we have seen amazing progress, and we are thankful!
  • Seem to have good understanding of Jesus and what He did for us.  You can tell us quite clearly why certain things happened in the Bible, who Jesus is and why He died, and you admit when you’re struggling with your sin.  We’re here to help, Hon!
  • Love your brother.  All siblings fight some, of course, but you often overwhelm him with your squishing hugs.  🙂
  • Have gotten “shy” at preschool again.  You really opened up second semester of last year, so we’re hoping that you will make some friends again this year.
  • Are very object-oriented.  And maybe this contributes to your shyness, but you crave having a little something in your hand (a rock? a bouncy ball? a tiny puppy?).  It’s a comfort to you.
  • Are becoming a very good helper.  You pull up a stool and get yourself drinks of water from the kitchen sink, wipe off your own hands and face and carry your plate to the counter after eating, unload the silverware from the dishwasher, vacuum under the kitchen table, and make your bed (sometimes).  And you’re very good at helping Markus find the toy/book/sock for which he’s searching.
  • Eat with your hands.  All. The. Time.  We don’t know why, but you just hate utensils.
  • Have exploded in your artistic ability.  You went, just this summer, from drawing only scribbles straight to drawing families with bodies, heads, arms, legs, hands, feet, and facial features (including ears).  What the what?  And all of a sudden you care about coloring in the lines.  I hope you don’t lose your creative spark, but I suppose coloring in the lines is nice sometimes.  🙂
  • Have tons of enthusiasm.  If there’s an adventure to be had, you are right there at the front of the line wanting to try.  Just today you told me that you wish you were an owl so you could have wings and fly to the tops of trees and sit there in the breeze.
  • Continue to be very strong-willed.  And we continue to pray that God will use that tenacity for great things.

We love you, little girl!

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3 thoughts on “Anja, 4 Years

  1. You’re 4 year old daughter looks like m y 4 year old daughter. Very strange! I found you while browsing “freshly pressed”. My blog is Here is a link to my daughter, Gigi, on my FB page.!/photo.php?fbid=229182710479533&set=pu.182651121799359&type=1&theater

    Of course, it could be just the angle, but the whole family agreed, they look like. We are blessed with beautiful little girls!

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