July 2011 Highlights Reel

In July, we went to Family Camp. Yay! Our first time going since Anja was just a baby. Both kids loved it, and I dare say I had a fun couple of late nights chatting with friends, too. 🙂

070411 Bluewater Covenant

Bad photos (I didn’t adjust my ISO or anything, so they’re blurry), but here are the kids waking up the first day.
070511 001

070511 002

I don’t know why, but I love this portrait of my mom.
070511 003

070511 004

070511 005

070511 006

First photo I took in the new house.
071811 001

We had some popsicles. It was a hot summer, and I loved it.
071811 004

Somebody had a tooth-brushing obsession. So much so that we now have to keep the bathroom door closed.
071811 005

071811 006

071811 007

Sherman Deux got more and more worn in.
071811 008

We drove some places.
071811 009

We stayed home some.
072411 016


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