Sherman’s Birthday Party

I don’t think I ever posted Sherman’s party last year (sad!), so I think this year’s party deserves a post of its own. I kept it simple–some paper lanterns, jacks we had lying around, candy from Valentine’s Day and Easter, a pan of GF brownies, and a few odd gifts. But Anja was tickled, as was Sherman, of course. 🙂

072411 001

072411 002

072411 003

072411 004

072411 006

072411 005

072411 007

072411 008

Singing to Sherman, who was clearly embarrassed.
072411 009

A disheveled guest.
072411 010

Sherman scarfing down some candy.
072411 011

072411 012

Sherman with gifts–a sleeping bag and some bubble wrap from Mama, and a watering can from Markus.
072411 013

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