August 2011 Highlights Reel

We found (and continue to find) these stickers everywhere. They entertained Anja for weeks.
080511 002

080511 001

080511 003

We kept unpacking.
080511 004

080511 005

080511 006

080511 007

We made crafts (his front leg used to be longer…).
080511 008

080511 009

I take photos of my kids sleeping all the time. Am I the only one?
080511 010

080511 011

We played. Rosie (the tiny dog in the tractor) was hired to cart around this stroller. πŸ™‚
081611 001

081611 002

We also went on a little vacation and had Anja’s 4th birthday party, which I’ll feature later!

3 thoughts on “August 2011 Highlights Reel

  1. YES – I take sleeping pictures all the time, too. Each one is so precious! …Your post about the stickers being entertaining brought back a good memory – when my oldest was a toddler and we’d drive to St. Cloud (sometimes 30 from our place in Clearwater, and later an hour away from where we live now) she would get SO restless! My grandma was always giving me sheets of stickers from the charity mailers, which I kept in the glovebox. I’d hand her a sheet of stickers and she would quiet right down! Of course, I’d have to peel the stickers off of her and her carseat when I got where I was going to, but it was a sanity saver!

    And I LOVE the tractor pulling the stroller!

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