Markus, 22 months

Only 2 months until you turn 2? Slow DOWN, little man! At 22 months, you:

  • Have mastered some tricky (and sometimes hilarious) phrases.  One of your favorites is “Grandpa doo-lat” (Grandpa do that).  Every time you see a truck or type of machine, you say, “Grandpa doo-lat,” indicating that you pretty much think Grandpa can do anything.  So cute.
  • Have the cutest giggle on the planet.  It is most often heard when you have been into something you shouldn’t and are running from one of your parents.
  • Are a climber!  If you can’t climb it, you will figure out a way sooner than later.  Tables, chairs, kitchen cupboards…the way you use your noggin for leverage is humorous.
  • Love to “read” over the reader.  This drives Anja nuts.  We’ll sit together trying to read a book, while you do your own narration, and she wants to hear the real story.  Okay, it sometimes drives me nuts, too.  But you’re expanding your already-large vocabulary all the time, so I guess it’s one way to learn.  We draw the line at praying over the pray-er, though.  Just plain rude.
  • Are attempting to eat spinach, which you haven’t done for the last 6 months or so. You can pick a piece of spinach or tomato out of almost anything and call it like it is.  Ha!
  • Are over your “shy” phase (thankfully).  It is fun to see your bubbly little personality as you attempt to make friends.
  • Can scream with the best of them, but your soft “yesh” is about the cutest thing in the world.
  • Still want a pacifier at night, and until after Christmas (and all the travel and sleeping in strange places), I’m letting you keep it.  Call me soft, but we like to sleep at night.
  • Climbed into the bathtub with all your clothes on last week.  And within 15 minutes of that, you climbed out of your crib for the first time.  Time for a toddler bed!
  • Sing.  “Jesus ah me” (Jesus Loves Me) and “Twinkle twinkle little star” so far.  With decent pitch!  Again with the adorableness.  It kills me.
  • Bonk your head all the time.  I’m surprised you haven’t had a concussion yet.  Yet.
  • Pray the same way Anja does, thanking God for each thing, even if it hasn’t yet happened.  It’s precious, that trust.  Keep it!
  • Still have trouble pronouncing “cracker.”  “Graham cracker” is even worse.  Probably worst of all is “bunny cracker,” because you can pronounce “bunny” perfectly.  Yikes.
  • Are getting good at puzzles.  Daddy said you put together all of them the other night without much help.  Good job!
  • Sleep very well.  Sharing a room with Anja has made you quite impervious to nighttime disturbances, but you still wake and scream multiple times per night on occasion.  We aren’t sure why.  😦
  • Are quite happy to steal and play with your sister’s ponies, princesses, and other tiny toys.  Since you’re getting older, we bought you a fire truck to go with your garbage truck, and now they hang out and do manly things.
  • Have a stellar sense of humor.  Daddy and I were discussing when the point is that funny baby humor turns into dorky little kid humor, and we hope it’s not for a while yet with you, because you make us laugh all the time.
  • Don’t like your sister in your space, mostly because she hurts you 95% of the time.  We pray this gets better over time.  I love it when I find you two quietly playing together, and now I understand why mothers savor those moments!  They are rare.
  • Give the best hugs.  Your head on my shoulder is such a good fit…I hold on too long each time, and you get squirmy.  But I just love you so much!  You’re our goofy, rough-and-tumble, happy little man!

101811 001

101811 002

101811 003

101811 004


2 thoughts on “Markus, 22 months

  1. Wow–I can’t believe he’s almost two. I remember waiting to see your first post about having him! Amazing how big he’s getting and so much fun for you to see his little personality developing. He’s adorable!

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