Happy 30th, Old Guy!

Entering his 4th decade on earth is my fabulous hubby…


I picked him up at work on Friday afternoon for a surprise afternoon and evening away.  He only wanted to kill me for the first two hours (he hates surprises).  We got some gelato, checked into our hotel, went to the Holidazzle parade, ate at Zelo in Minneapolis.  The next morning we ate at The Original Pancake House (a family favorite) and went to the American Swedish Institute (we’re both mostly Swedish).  It was so much fun to have a special day away with him.

2 thoughts on “Happy 30th, Old Guy!

  1. Mmmmm . . . we love OPH! Tried to go to the one in Edina on the Sunday after Thanksgiving, but the wait was too long and we had to get to the airport. Sounds like a great time–happy birthday, B!

  2. Sounds like a fun day! We took Miles to Macy’s but opted out of the Holidazzle. Jeromy froze his butt off when I took him in ’09. Such a MN novelty! Do you guys have Swedish Angel Chimes? We took it out last week for Christmas and Miles loves watching it and seeing the shadows dance on the ceiling!

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