Pinterested in some ideas?

To say that I enjoy Pinterest would be a vast understatement. In fact, after my first month of membership, I was fighting an addiction! I’ve gotten it better under control, but I still check it almost every day. I’ve found some valuable recipes, decorating/organizing ideas, and kids’ activities. Better yet, I’ve USED some of these ideas!  I’ll only link to things I’ve found delicious or helpful.  I’ve had a few pins deleted because of a less-than-stellar recipe.

Pumpkin Donuts (soooo yummy)
Broccoli-Quinoa Casserole (I’ve made it thrice–my family all loves it)
Freezer Cooking (made two of the recipes on this page–tasty and easy!)
Broccoli-Cheese Soup (I’ve made this 3 times, too–kids eat it up fast…unfortunately, I can’t find the link)

Made an “A” for Anja’s wall like this
Made these snowflake ornaments with Anja
Cut out snowflakes with Anja (best I’ve ever made thanks to some helpful patterns)
I’m crocheting this poncho
Made a ruffled pillow similar to these

Balloon wake-up for Anja’s birthday
Used this as inspiration for Anja’s ice cream social b-day
Made these streamers for her party
Made these crudites for a friend’s shower

Had my scarf-tying ways forever changed
Found outfit inspirations
Found hair inspiration

Am in the middle of making this wreath
Made swags similar to these
Got a few additional Advent calendar ideas here
Was inspired to do our Thankfulness tree by this
Found the idea for our Thanksgiving placecards
Got the idea for the handwarmers I made

And I have plans for much more!

If I could make one suggestion to the Pinterest team, it would be to add an option of making boards private.  If I were planning a surprise party, for instance, or a friend’s baby shower and using Pinterest to find ideas, I would like to be able to keep those plans secret until they are used.  Plus, now my mom realizes that I’m uncreative–I merely copy others’ ideas.  🙂  But other than that–it’s an amazing concept.

3 thoughts on “Pinterested in some ideas?

  1. I LOVE it too! I have to laugh at all the ways I’ve heard Pinterest pronounced, but many know what it is now. I agree–the private thing has to happen. There is sometimes things I just don’t want people to know I like and copied directly off of there….parties are an excellent example. Can you do something about that? 🙂

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