Christmas ‘Round Here

We’ve been battling sickness at our house for the past month and a half, but this past week was a very drawn-out stomach bug. Ick.

Anyway, all that to say that Christmas has snuck up on me this year. I have my gifts all purchased, goodies made, and the decorations have been up since November. But there’s no snow. It just doesn’t feel right. That said, I’ll post a few photos of my decor, some of which has been moved around and changed since. These are some of the first pics of the house I’ve put up since we have moved in, too (others have all been people-centric). It is far from “done,” but we’ve been living here almost 6 months, so “done” could still be a bit of a wait. πŸ™‚ Our first fake tree. I miss the smell, but man, it’s nice not to have to water and vacuum!
112611 Tree 001

Living room view from the kitchen.
112711 002

Ignore the sewing machine between the couch and the tree. That’s not its permanent home, but for now it’s where I’m working on my projects.
112711 003

Some ornaments I found in my Christmas bins this year (must’ve bought them after Christmas last year on clearance). It was a fun surprise to have new things to put on my tree. πŸ™‚
112711 004

I had purchased some gingerbread ornaments from IKEA, planning a more rustic tree, but after I found the other ornaments, I changed it up.
112711 005

112711 006

112711 007

112711 008

Snowflakes that Anja and I cut and strung.
113011 001

A little vignette in our entry closet. This is kind of what the rest of the house was going to look like, but I stuck with the sparkles and lace everywhere else, too. I must have more photos on a CF card somewhere, so there might be more. What a silly post!
113011 002

6 thoughts on “Christmas ‘Round Here

  1. Wow–great tree. I love the colours and style of ornaments you’ve chosen. Kind of makes me want to get rid of all the little kids ones on ours, but I do love the memories too.

    I laughed at the end–you have a great sense of humour.

    • I think I might want all the kids’ ornaments more if I didn’t get to decorate my mom’s tree every year and put up all my childhood ornaments and all the ones that she’s given my kids on her tree. Double the fun!

  2. Beautiful! I chuckled a bit at the reflection of the painter’s tape in the last photo. It seems to perfectly capture where you are in the process of working on the house. πŸ™‚

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