Some photos

Our yard after the first raking. There were about 7 subsequent rakings, since we have so many mature trees in our neighborhood, and they all drop their leaves at different times.

101411 001

A loved princess.
101411 002

A “store” set up on our coffee table. This is why I am so glad I switched to keeping our coffee table free of anything earlier this year. It encourages my kids so much in their creative play.
101411 003

101411 004

My boy reading books at the same coffee table. I fear I’m terribly biased, but I think he’s the most adorable little boy in the whole wide world.
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Wee Rice Hand Warmers

So here we have a bit of a tutorial. I was making these the other night (for Christmas gifts), and I thought I’d take a few photos and make a post of it. Especially since my other tutorial is all the rage on Pinterest, somehow!

Find some fleece (re-purposed is great, mine is a half yard from JoAnn Fabrics).
Cut some shapes. I did cute hearts for the gals, manly squares for the guys.
113011 004

Thread your machine (I did a contrasting white to give the stitching a little “pop.” After the fact, I would’ve chosen something matching to hide my errors–ha!). Stick the needle in a corner.
113011 005

Sew most of the way around your shape, lifting the presser foot with the needle still inserted in the fleece to rotate it as you make your way around the tricky curves. Leave about a 1″ gap for the rice to go in. Snip thread.
113011 006

Use a funnel or make a paper funnel (if you moved 6 months ago and still can’t find half your junk) to put rice in the bag. Not too full, mind you. This should feel like a very loose bean bag.
113011 007

113011 008

Overlap your previous stitching by about 1/4″ inch on each side to make sure the rice won’t fall out as you stitch it up the rest of the way.
113011 009

113011 010

Ta da! Done. Include these directions for their use:

Heat for 20 seconds in microwave. Put in your mittens or your pockets to keep your hands toasty for 10-20 minutes. Repeat as needed! If they start to discolor or smell funky, throw them away. They’re past their prime. 🙂