Markus, 2 years

Yep, two. Can’t believe it myself. But I have drunk up every minute of his “babyhood.” I enforce daily hugs. Markus, at two years old, you:

  • Tell amazing jokes. Knock knock-who’s there-banana–haaaaaaaa! = one of my favorites.
  • Talk really fast. Sometimes I have a hard time understanding your sentences, not because they are unclear, but because you rattle them off so quickly.
  • Have favorites.  Especially music.  Jingle Bells by Ray Conniff is what you call your favorite song when asked, but you most frequently quote a Milo Greene song that we got at the Civil Wars concert: “I go I go I go I…” Another song on their CD says, “Takes me away…”  I tell Daddy you should be used as an echo on their full CD because you always do this adorable, “Takes me away, Anja! Takes me away!” when you hear that part of the song.
  • Tackle hug our legs a lot.
  • Talk about yourself in the third person.  “Markus want a go outside now, Mama, okay?”
  • Like to build towers and bulldozers with Duplos.  Anything tall and straight is dubbed a “tower,” and anything massive or sturdy is a “bulldozer.”
  • Are very adamant that you are a boy.  When we ask you if you are one (now two), or if you are hungry, or if you are tired, you say, “NO.  Markus a boy.”
  • Have a go-to answer regarding anything to do with the outdoors. “What is that squirrel doing, Markus?” “Mow lawn.” “It’s snowing…what should we do?” “Mow lawn.”
  • Are a TALKER, in case all of the above didn’t already point to that.  😉
  • Are a picky eater. Your least favorite things: chunks of tomato, minuscule pieces of anything green and leafy, and potatoes (other than in French fry or soup form).  Your favorites: breads, cookies, oatmeal, yogurt…anything sweet.
  • Still have a pacifier. We didn’t wean you as young as we did Anja, and now I regret that. You didn’t seem ready at 18 mos., so I let you have it longer, then decided to wait until after the holidays, and in the last two months you’ve become completely dependent on it to go to sleep (when you used to put yourself to sleep no problem).  We plan to wean sometime this month, and it’s not going to be pleasant!
  • Are small for your age (at least compared to what we’re used to).  We haven’t had your two-year check-up yet, but you are still wearing mostly 18-month clothes and size 5 shoes (pretty sure your sister was wearing that size around her first birthday). But you’re healthy, happy and growing, and that’s what matters!
  • Enjoy baths, washing hands, turning on the faucets anywhere you can reach, playing in any drinking glasses left partially full and generally everything to do with water.
  • Have a fondness for hats, necklaces and headbands.
  • Climb out of your crib frequently and take off your clothes while in your crib.  Not sure which one irks me more, but it keeps things interesting, that’s for sure!
  • Have the most winning smile.

Markus, we have loved knowing you and your fun personality for the last two years.  We are excited (and trepidatious, dare I say?) to see what being two brings for you!

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3 thoughts on “Markus, 2 years

  1. I love your milestone posts! Such a great way to chronicle the small stuff that is so special! I think I may adopt this when our little one arrives next month.

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