Double the Fun!

There’s something to be said for having my birthday so close to Markus’s. We get to have double the celebration!

Our families joined us for Markus’s party on Saturday.

011612 001

There were a black and red balloon, too, but thanks to our popcorn ceilings, they didn’t stay around for the party. 😉
011612 002

The theme was “trucks,” which made decorating easy! I just used some decorations we already had and put out all of Markus’s trucks.
011612 003

011612 004

The cake was not too hard to make, and I like how it turned out.
011612 005

011612 006

And even though we didn’t have as much daylight as on Anja’s birthday, I still wanted some pics of our boy with us in the same spot. 🙂
011612 007

011612 008

An unsolicited kiss!
011612 009

Little Man was spoiled rotten. He got so many nice things!
011612 011

And enjoyed some of his cake, of course!
011612 012

Yesterday Husband gave me a lovely day of relaxing (got to go to Barnes & Noble by myself!), yummy muffins, and a date night at Pazzaluna in St. Paul. Best dish I’ve ever had there–halibut with artichoke and parsnip puree.

011612 013


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