February recap

This winter has been a little busier work-wise than normal, so this blog, which normally sees much activity in the winter months, has languished.

I long ago gave up hopes of making regular appearances here, but I definitely miss the time I used to have for visiting others’ little spaces on the interwebs. 😦

Here are a few February highlights:

Husband and I got to attend a marriage retreat, which was fabulous and just what we needed. This is at the “dress-up night” banquet.

021412 003

I’ve had that skirt since high school. It fits a little differently now, but it was nice to get another wear out of it. 🙂

Markus transitioned to a toddler bed (since he was climbing out of his crib 10-20 times a day/night anyway, we figured this just made it slightly less dangerous).

021412 005

Anja and I made a bunch of valentines for her classmates. We used this printable butterfly version.

021412 006

I made a spur-of-the-moment decision while the kids were napping on V-day to have a tea party as our snack. Nothing too special, but it seems special to them! The cupcake frosting had been frozen, so its texture was a bit iffy, but both kids and Daddy assured me it tasted fine.

Valentine Tea Party 001

Valentine Tea Party 002

Valentine Tea Party 003

Valentine Tea Party 004

We’ve had out the marble run a couple more times. They both enjoy it.

021612 001

021612 002

021612 003

Anja and Daddy went to the Daddy-Daughter dance again this past weekend. She has talked about it–I kid you not–probably weekly since she went last year, describing what a good time it was, so she was stoked to go again. Her hair was too short to do any fancy up-dos this year, but I dug out my old curling iron and was pleased with the results.

021812 008

021812 009

021812 018

Husband wearing a tie twice in one week has never happened before, I don’t think. He’s not a fan, so we appreciate him being such a sport! Markus came out the door after them and decided he needed to be in a picture, too.

021812 019

She is SO hard to get decent smiles out of right now! I ask for a smile, get some sort of weird face, and then tell her just to keep her face straight. I crack a few jokes, and then I can at least get something genuine-looking, if not “perfection.”

021812 020

021812 021

That’s about it so far. How has your month been? I wish I had some great craft, or even some clean house photos, to post, but my crafting has been finger paints and cotton balls and glue and popcorn and rice.

A Work of Art

Our dear girl has taken up a few nasty habits lately. One of them is doodling on things which shouldn’t be doodled upon. Even though she was disciplined for this one, I had to hide my laughter the entire time, and I still laugh when I look at it. I’m leaving it “altered.”