Anja, 4 1/2

Four and a half, you are much less dramatic than 3 and a half. You still have your share of fits and screams, but me oh my you are much more bearable. 🙂

Anja, at four and a half, you:

  • Like to draw. We’re fairly certain you skipped many developmental stages, going from scribbles-only to drawing people and animals with all their parts. Sherman “drew” me the doggie on a napkin below along with his name and you delivered it. As far as I can tell it has six legs. So sweet.
  • Like taking care of your babies. Sherman has slipped to #2 in the ranks behind your soft baby doll Malia. She goes everywhere with you and doesn’t miss a thing.
  • Enjoy dressing up, especially in princess dresses.
  • Still get out of bed 4,967 times each night before falling asleep. Discipline matters very little to you when it comes to bedtime.
  • Are starting to allow your brother to play with you. As long as you get to lead in the type of activities you do, you’re okay with him tagging along (usually). We’ll see how long this lasts. I’m pretty sure with my little brother it lasted a couple years, but your little brother is more strong-willed than mine was. 🙂
  • Are becoming more responsible, willing to do your chores when asked and helping direct your brother when needed. Sometimes you take this role a bit too seriously and his actual parents need to step in, but we appreciate the help on occasion. 😉
  • Are becoming more responsive to correction. We don’t have to discipline quite as often as we used to. I don’t miss it one bit!
  • Are exhibiting compassion on different levels. I love to see you emotionally develop, learning to put others first and understand their feelings. It’s the sweetest thing when you give Markus turns before yourself just because you know it is the kind thing to do.
  • Are concerned (deeply!) about who you will marry and if you will marry. We have a conversation probably at least monthly, if not more often, about how you have MANY YEARS before this needs to be addressed, but you often have tears over it.
  • Love to be outside. Whenever we have fresh snow you ask to go stomp, play and roll in it. Lucky for you your mama likes to play in it, too!
  • Continue to have boundless energy. Just when I think you’re winding down for the night you ask to have a dance party or do gymnastics or climb tall things. When did I get so old?
  • Are learning to write most of your letters. You figured out a lot of them on your own (so cute!), but you’ve also started doing printing worksheets at preschool.
  • Told me that you want to be a singer anda ballerina when you grow up. You’ve wanted to be a ballerina since you were two, but the singer thing is new. And it is to be on a stage, you specified. We don’t even watch American Idol, so I’m not sure where you got this idea, but dreams are okay. We encourage dreaming here.
  • Are growing right before my eyes! I want you to grow, of course, but it is hard to see it happen so fast.

Love you so much, my precious girl!

022812 001

011112 002


3 thoughts on “Anja, 4 1/2

  1. I am so encouraged by this post! Anja is an absolute doll. We are at the 3 1/2 stage with lots of fits and screams – so I like to hear that at 4 1/2 she “much more bearable.” This momma needed to hear that :o)

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