Markus, 27 months

Ah, how the milestones creep up on us! Markus, at 27 months, you:

  • Can deliver a pretty solid joke. You make us laugh so much!
  • Have been potty trained for 2 weeks. We took a 3-day boot camp approach, and you did SO WELL! We are very proud of you. You transitioned from the potty chair to the big potty yesterday without so much as skipping a beat. I love that you are so game for trying new things (at least, when they aren’t food…).
  • Like to yell. You and Anja sometimes have screaming matches, most commonly in the car. Mom turns the music up loud.
  • Have memorized several Bible verses. It is so precious to hear the Word of God coming out of your mouth (hopefully as it is being written on your heart).
  • Call yourself a “Big Daddy” all the time. You used to argue with us calling you anything but a boy (“No! Markus is a BOY!”), but it has changed to “No, Markus is a Big Daddy!” Eeeek.
  • Can climb like nobody’s business. Even though you aren’t that up-to-speed with most gross motor activity, you use your noggin as a climbing counterweight excellently.
  • Have started eating more green things. We have a secret: ketchup. It makes salad disappear. Sad, but true! Though you did eat some of my homemade dressing the other day and declared it yummy.
  • Are starting to engage in creative story-telling with your toys. Your cars and trucks become “friends” and have little conversations. I doubt you’ll be telling elaborate tales like Anja anytime soon, but even your short story lines are fascinating to me.
  • Are thus far not athletically inclined. You can’t catch worth a hoot no matter how many times we play, but I’m not giving up!
  • Gave up your pacifiers shortly after turning two. We put them in a baggy and gave them to the clerk at Target to “buy” your new stuffed elephant, which you quickly dubbed “Warthog.” Warthog the elephant, it’s true.
  • Are taking shorter naps in the afternoon due to getting rid of the pacifier, but you still sleep a good 2 to 3 hours each day. Can’t complain!
  • Love it when your sister includes you in her play, but you definitely aren’t one to be a doormat if you don’t like what she asks you to do. Since you’re so tiny, I’m glad you’re learning to stand up for yourself a bit.
  • Need a lot of attention. We think your love language may one day be quality time. Two commonly used phrases, “LISTEN to me, Mama” and “LOOK at me, Daddy”!
  • Transitioned to a toddler bed since you were climbing out of your crib an average of 12 times a day/night anyway. It’s been pretty good, though sometimes you and Sissy get into trouble together since you still share a room.
  • Love being outside! You don’t care what the thermometer says; you simply want to get out. the. door. as fast as possible.
  • Think you’re a super hero. Even though you have no idea who Batman or Spiderman are, you go zooming around the house in your blue cape, dubbing yourself “Super-Boy” or “Super-Markus.” You can rescue me any day. 😉
  • Picked up the very polite phrase “May I” from somewhere. Daddy and I don’t use it very often (shame on us!), but we think it’s adorable that you do. Keep it up.
  • Are tiny. Not uber-tiny, but quite short and round. You are still wearing mostly 18-month pants, though you’re finally growing too tall for some of them. Hooray! But your chunky thighs are still fair game for squeezing, thank goodness.
  • Are quite attached to your hammer and saw. You’ve actually been brought to tears a couple of times when you couldn’t actually help with one of Daddy’s projects. We ask you to “fix” things all the time just so you can pound and saw and feel useful. Again, adorable.
  • Have begun copying your sister’s sassy phrases. We don’t like them any better coming out of your mouth.
  • Continue to be quite verbal. And you still mostly talk in the 3rd person. Love it. Here’s a conversation we had at snack the other day…
    You: “When Markus is big, he will have a wallet and put it in his pocket and drive a truck all the way to Grandma Pam’s house and go to Culver’s?”
    Me: “All by yourself?”
    You: “Yes, without Mommy and Anja.”

We love you, our funny, precocious, big-noggined boy!

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