Living Room Before-and-After

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything about the new house…mostly because this year has been one project after another. I took the month of March off for my business and did some spring purging and cleaning (thanks, Tsh! I still use your e-book!), and though I haven’t finished all the rooms yet, I don’t think I’ll ever get photos up if I wait until they are completely “finished.” So this week will include some before-and-after shots. Hooray!

120310 House Before 01

031812 004

031812 005

031812 006
Just for reference here are two posts about the projects we did in the 6 months leading up to our move. It was a lot of work (thanks mostly to Husband and my father-in-law!), and there’s much left to do, but what I’m learning with home ownership is that there is always something to do. 🙂 A list of what we did in the living room:

  • Tore out trim and found mold
  • Chunked out the wall and the floor and replaced dry wall and floor, then mudded and re-laid the carpet (thanks, Dustin!)
  • Mudded more of the walls that were not smooth
  • Painted the walls
  • Built up a portion of the window sill where it didn’t match up with new trim and stained it
  • Re-built the railings on the balustrade and installed a new handrail, stripped and stained the newel post (the old railings were so far apart the kids could get their bodies through them–NOT SAFE!)
  • Painted the ceilings
  • Painted and installed new baseboards and trim
  • Bought a new couch
  • Took down the old curtains and installed new rods and sewed together some IKEA curtains
  • Cut old vent covers to fit
  • Installed new outlets, outlet covers and switch-plate covers

There might be more I can’t remember…

5 thoughts on “Living Room Before-and-After

    • Thanks, Katie! It was a lot of work, and looking at these photos again, I’m thinking the wide camera angle didn’t do the room any favors…oops! Maybe I’ll try again later. 🙂

  1. Loved catching up with your house. It looks awesome!!! I love it all–you’ve really made it a cozy home.

    We had the EXACT same kitchen layout and cupboards before we did our renovation. Even the colour is the same!

    • Thanks, Sonja! I think it’s a pretty common 70s kitchen layout. I remember a friend’s house from when I was growing up that had pretty much the exact same layout as our home. 🙂

  2. Just looked again…maybe not exact layout, but it was super similar. I liked having that extra cupboard and drawer on the other side of the pennisula.

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