Kitchen & Dining Before-and-After

Though I didn’t get most of these shots from a similar angle, you can still kind of see what went on here. This is before spring cleaning the dining and kitchen area, too, so ignore the clutter you see on the kitchen counters. 🙂

120310 House Before 02

031812 008

031812 007

The List:

  • Took out light fixtures and re-wired (It was a MESS in there! So thankful for my father-in-law’s skills. He was surprised the house was still standing with how fried the wires were.)
  • Mudded walls that were not smooth
  • Tore out linoleum and installed engineered hardwood floors
  • Painted the walls
  • Painted the ceilings
  • Purchased and installed new light fixtures
  • Bought a new fridge (thanks, Mom! The old one was a side-by-side, and when you opened the freezer door you could barely get anything in or out of it.)
  • Painted and installed new baseboards and trim
  • Took down the old curtains and installed new rods and curtains
  • Installed new outlets, outlet covers and switch-plate covers
  • Thrifted some letters for the “Rejoice” sign…I hope to hang some mis-matched plates and/or platters around it once I find enough to make it worthwhile

One thought on “Kitchen & Dining Before-and-After

  1. I really like the color of your kitchen too. That light fixture is awesome. Nice work on the rejoice sign. You can come do some interior decorating in my house. 🙂

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