Gallery Wall

I have seen and pinned so many beautiful examples of gallery walls that I decided to attempt my own in our stairwell. I stockpiled a bunch of frames and canvases I already owned and laid them out in a configuration that made sense on the floor, then started nailing them up on the wall. Most of them haven’t been filled with our own photos yet, and I need to paint the green ones a different color (or neutral), so someday I might post an “after” picture of this, too. It’s a start!

Since this photo was taken those patched portions have been re-painted, and I have some more things to hang, too.

Have you ever done a gallery wall? Or seen some ones online that you like?

031812 009

4 thoughts on “Gallery Wall

  1. I too love the giant frame! Cool. I have a stack of frames all ready to paint and hang…I like your idea of putting it all up first. I was thinking I would need to have the pics ready before I started.

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