Anja, 4 3/4 Years

Darling daughter, at 4 years 9 months, you:

  • ย Are figuring out how to write words on your own. I got the sweetest picture from you a few weeks ago upon which you had written “I love Mama.” The letters weren’t in the correct order, but you got most of them on there, and it was adorable.
  • Seem to be slowing down (maybe?) in your growth. You’re still fitting into size 5 pants, though I’m very thankful for adjustable waist since you need it cinched.
  • (that said) Are a very good eater. I don’t know any other kids your age who would down a salad as a meal without a bunch of whining (though we occasionally get that, too). I’m proud that you understand how to make healthy choices and aren’t afraid to turn down sugar for some veggies.
  • Often get the comment that you “are old for your age.” I am not totally sure what that means other than perhaps you have a big vocabulary/imagination, but you can go ahead and stay little for awhile longer. ๐Ÿ™‚
  • Are such a girl! No day is complete without some dress-up, some mothering of your babies, and something princess-related. It’s hard for me to remember myself at your age, but I’m pretty sure I did all those things, too (though princesses weren’t quite as heavily marketed back then).
  • Are becoming very good at sharing with your little brother. Daddy took you both to Target the other night, and you asked for a sticker. The cashier only had one left, and when you saw Markus ask for one you gave him yours. That made me so proud to hear! We’ve been learning about “the first shall be last, the last shall be first” principle in the Bible together, and I love seeing you take scripture to heart! Best. thing. ever.
  • Are still learning appropriate reactions to things. We have a little chart in the pantry to help you gauge whether a tantrum or a scream was the right reaction (which is almost never), and we have talks on a regular basis about how to have self-control in this area. Keep working on it, Sweetie!
  • Can share the gospel. We aren’t yet sure if you’re a believer yourself, but you can outline why Jesus came to earth, how he died, and why he died with clarity. We keep praying for the Holy Spirit to bring that truth to your heart! One encouragement to us is that the Bible is your favorite book to read. God’s Word does not return void!
  • Really enjoy getting dirty. We can’t be near grass or dirt without you getting stained knees, face or clothes. Good thing I don’t mind a little scrubbing…
  • Have fierce attachment to your “guys.” So much so that if you are asked to nap without them you put up an hour-long tantrum fight. Yikes. Mama has found much help in the book The Strong-Willed Child by Dr. Dobson.
  • Have asked to have each of your former preschool classmates over for a playdate, one at a time. While I don’t know if that will happen, we are glad to see you developing socially and caring so much about your friends.
  • Love to give gifts. You will often wrap up a toy, a drawing, or something more odd in a napkin, hide it somewhere, and then, at what you consider the opportune time, present it to them. It’s endearing.
  • Are so excited about Kindergarten! While we haven’t yet made a decision on where you will end up, we know that God has it all planned. I’ve enjoyed our first week of trial homeschool–it is so fun to see your little sponge-brain working!

We love you, Hon! And here are a few pictures from early spring (Easter egg hunt lunch), since I don’t have any more recent ones edited yet. ๐Ÿ™‚

040412 002

040412 001

040412 003

040412 004

And Easter Sunday.
040812 001